Breath of Fresh Air Hands-Free USB Neck Fan

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Stay cool on the move with the Breath of Fresh Air Hands-Free USB Neck Fan!  

This awesome little gadget is the ultimate combination of power, convenience, and style.  Just pop it around your neck and push the button, and you're good to go for up to 7.5 hours, depending on the speed you need.  Better yet, the cooling air is targeted not just at your face, but all the way around - perfect for those of us who get migraines from air blowing from one direction.  

The cool modern design is as fashionable as it is stylish, and the fans are so quiet that on the lowest setting you'll hardly hear it at all, even though it's right next to your ear. But, need a bit more cooling power? No problem!  Just touch the on-off switch again to move up to Speed 2, or even Speed 3 if you need it!

The Breath of Fresh Air Hands-Free USB Neck Fan delivers lovely cool air right where you need it, when you need it most.  Perfect!


  • Comfortable and easy to use. One button is all it takes to cool down from that heat-stricken summer panic attack!
  • Omni-directional air vents direct a cool breeze all the way around your head and the sides of your neck, which reduces headaches and cools you down faster.
  • Powerful internal lithium-ion batteries. Plugs into any USB micro cable (like one of the older generic phone chargers), and can run for up to 7.5 hours on a single charge!
  • Flexible neck band allows you to adjust the fan to exactly the right angle.
  • Perfect for use with glasses and sunglasses. Eyes feeling dry?  Just angle the fans away from your face!  Starting to get that icky sweat pool under your eyes?  No problem!  Just angle it back again, and you can direct the flow of air up under your glasses to dry the ick-pools out.  
  • Hair-friendly bladeless turbines won't catch on your stay locks and tug them, and the angle of the vents directs air towards your skin for minimum disturbance to your fabulous 'do. 
  • Comes in a sweet fancy box, perfect for gifting! 

Product Details
Materials:  Medical-grade germicidal silicon and shock-resistant ABS plastic, with a sweat-repellent coating to help keep bacteria at bay. 
Size: Fully adjustable. 
Battery: Twin 1800mAh Lithium-ion batteries included. 
Charging: Connects to any standard USB Micro-B cable, such as a phone charger, or you can plug the included charging cable into any normal USB port.
Weight: ~220g, excluding packaging. 

Not for use by children under 4. Adult supervision is recommended at all times.

Do not immerse, and if it gets wet by accident then please allow it to fully dry before you use it. Not recommended for use in extremely humid environments (e.g. saunas, pools, or spas). This is an electronic device, so exercise caution any time water is involved.  

Please don't attempt to disassemble the unit, or poke any small objects (or small fingers) into any of the vents.  



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