Essentials Queen-Size Ultra-Stretch 20D Sheer Tights


The Essentials range of Queen-Size Ultra-Stretch tights are a must-have for people of all sizes!  These beauties will fit just about anyone, and they're soft and lovely to the touch.  

Need the thinnest, silkiest, stretchiest tights you can get?  You've found them!  Add them to your wardrobe today!

Product Details
Design: Plain - Sheerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Material: Nylon & Spandex
Weight: 20 denier.

The manufacturer guarantees these will fit up to:

  • Height: 155cm-178cm (5'2"-5'10")
  • Weight: 50kg-110kg (1100lbs-243lbs)

However, we feel these measurements are very much on the low side.  The owner of the store is 6'0" and 215kg, and these tights were only slightly too small for her.  We estimate that they'd probably fit up to:

  • Height: 183cm (5"-6'0")
  • Weight: 158kg (350lbs) 

The most important part is that your thigh is no wider than 80cm. There is reinforcing seam that will prevent them from fitting if your thighs are more than 80cm at the widest point.

Give them a go, and if they don't fit you then just send us your measurements for our ongoing product research, and we'll give you a full refund!

Bonus Features:
  • Light-weight, high-quality, breathable fabric.
  • Widened crotch for a more comfortable fit in the hips.
  • Reinforced toes and hole-resistant.
About Shipping

This item is FACTORY DIRECT, meaning that it will be shipped straight from the manufacturer to your door. That allows us to pass along the best possible prices to you, our lovely customers! 

Depending on your location and the availability of materials, it could take UP TO 60 DAYS for your order to arrive. This is usually closer to 14-30 days, but international trade is slow right now due to the global pandemic situation. 

If you purchase more than one item, it may come in separate shipments if they're supplied by different factories. 

If you have any issues with the product or delivery, please contact us for assistance and we'll take care of you. :)