Hera Peacock Feather Earrings

Metal Color

Fab up your next party outfit to the nines with a pair of spectacular Hera Peacock Feather Earrings!

Product Details
Colour: Peacock
Finding: French Hook
Metal: Zinc Alloy
Size: ~11cm long excluding the hook, ~3-4cm wide.



Peacock feathers are naturally a bit of a mixed bag, so there's always going to be some variation.

If you want big feathers, you have to use the ones from the very end of the tail, which are the oldest feathers so they have a lot of natural wear and tear, plus they drag on the ground when the peacock isn't displaying them so they end up looking dirty, faded, and tatty.

If you want nice-looking feathers, you have to use the ones near the base of the tail, but the younger feathers are always smaller in size, so you've got the trade-off between nice, crisp, smaller feathers and huge, tatty faded feathers.  

We try to pick feathers that are approximately the same size, but there may be some variation despite our best efforts.  As a result, we will actually include TWO pairs of earrings with your purchase, so that you can pick the ones you like best. :)



I know a lot of people think you have to kill the peacock to get their feathers, but this is (thankfully) a myth. I am an animal rights activist and would never, ever sell a product that requires harming a living creature to make. Peacocks naturally shed their tail feathers at the end of the mating season, so there's absolutely no need to harm the peacock to get their feathers. You just follow 'em around and pick up the feathers when they fall out, which is... frequently. We had a couple of peacocks on our farm when I was growing up, and I swear there were feathers everywhere in mating season. We had so many that we ended up throwing them out by the handful just to get them off the lawn!   

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