Lauren Low Impact Waist Trainer


The Lauren is a gentle, low-impact waist trainer, more of a shaper than anything, but a good place to begin if you're new to waist training or have just had a baby. Compared to her bigger sisters, the Lauren is more like elastic rather than tight latex, but she certainly has her place in your wardrobe when it's too hot for something heavier!


Product Details
Fabric: 60% Polyester, 40% Spandex
Fastenings: Hook & Eye (3 rows of 13, in the front).
Height: 25cm
Boning: 4 Steel Bones.
Sizes: XS - 5XL
Colours: Cream, Black


About Sizing:


Sizing is still a work in progress for this particular product, since we haven't had many of them ordered just yet.  

Low impact shapers are designed to stretch out quite swiftly to avoid putting too much pressure on your body when it's at its most vulnerable, so be aware that you will need to replace these every couple of months if you want to keep feeling the effects. 


Important Notes: 

1. Wearing a waist trainer does not magically cause weight loss, despite what you may have heard. What it does do is improve your posture, help avoid overeating, and provide a motivational guide. If you plan to exercise wearing a waist trainer, I recommend consulting with a physician first.

2. Human sweat damages latex, so I recommend wearing a tank top, singlet, or some other kind of top under the corset to protect it. 

3. I'm happy to return and exchange an item for one of another size, but it is entirely at your cost and you must return the original corset in as-new condition, with the packaging. 

4. Bra & panties not included.

5. Stock is limited, and I could run out of any size or colour at any time.

About Shipping

This item is FACTORY DIRECT, meaning that it will be shipped straight from the manufacturer to your door. That allows us to pass along the best possible prices to you, our lovely customers! 

Depending on your location and the availability of materials, it could take UP TO 60 DAYS for your order to arrive. This is usually closer to 14-30 days, but international trade is slow right now due to the global pandemic situation. 

If you purchase more than one item, it may come in separate shipments if they're supplied by different factories. 

If you have any issues with the product or delivery, please contact us for assistance and we'll take care of you. :)