Victorian Lace Sleeves (Opera)


Need a little something extra to add the finishing touches to your new favourite outfit?  Look no further! These beautiful sleeves aren't as stretchy as their elbow-length version, but they are lovely if you've got slender arms.  

Product Details
Material: Stretch Polyester.
Size: Adult One Size Fits Some.
Length: 39-45cm
Wrist: 16-26cm
Upper Arm: 20-28cm
Fit Type:  Fabric has a small amount of stretch in both directions. Designed to be close-fitting to prevent them from slipping down. 
Texture: Surprisingly soft and silky to the touch.
About Shipping

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Depending on your location and the availability of materials, it could take UP TO 60 DAYS for your order to arrive. This is usually closer to 14-30 days, but international trade is slow right now due to the global pandemic situation. 

If you purchase more than one item, it may come in separate shipments if they're supplied by different factories. 

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