Eve Latex Waist Trainer



If you're new to waist training or just upgrading from low-impact, entry-level shapers like The Lauren, then The Eve is the perfect next step for you. With 9 steel bones, she provides a robust level of support without the intensity of a higher grade corset, and her cotton interior gives you a nice layer of padding to protect you from the latex exterior.  

Keep in mind that latex is designed to stretch with use, to prevent you from doing any long-term damage to your internal organs, so you will need to replace your waist trainer regularly.



Product Details 
Outer:  100% Latex
Lining: 4% Spandex, 96% Cotton
Fastenings: Hook & Eye (3 rows of 16, in the front).
Boning: 9 Steel Bones
About Sizing

The size chart shows the approximate size of the customers who usually buy that size, based off my own experiences fitting customers. However, there is no such thing as a standard clothing size and they do vary from brand to brand. As such, I highly recommend checking your measurements.

If you're new to waist training: go one size down from the top size you normally wear. If there is more than one size in your range, pick one near the middle. e.g. if you are a size 12 and new to waist training, the Size L will probably be best for you.

If you are experienced at waist training: You probably already know your tolerance, and may want to pick the trainer at the tighter end of your size range.

If you've just had a baby: Pick the trainer at the looser end of your size range - and check with your doctor, too!

If you have a narrow waist and wide hips, or find your size naturally fluctuates throughout the month: I recommend getting two trainers in different sizes so that you can alternate them depending on your needs.


Important Notes 

1. Wearing a waist trainer does not magically cause weight loss, despite what you may have heard. What it does do is improve your posture, help avoid overeating, and provide a motivational guide. If you plan to exercise wearing a waist trainer, I recommend consulting with a physician first.

2. Human sweat damages latex, so I recommend wearing a tank top, singlet, or some other kind of top under the corset to protect it. 

3. I'm happy to return and exchange an item for one of another size, but it is entirely at your cost and you must return the original corset in as-new condition, with the packaging. 

4. Bra & panties not included.

5. Stock is limited, and I could run out of any size or colour at any time.

About Shipping

This item is FACTORY DIRECT, meaning that it will be shipped straight from the manufacturer to your door. That allows us to pass along the best possible prices to you, our lovely customers! 

Depending on your location and the availability of materials, it could take UP TO 60 DAYS for your order to arrive. This is usually closer to 14-30 days, but international trade is slow right now due to the global pandemic situation. 

If you purchase more than one item, it may come in separate shipments if they're supplied by different factories. 

If you have any issues with the product or delivery, please contact us for assistance and we'll take care of you. :)